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Gone Missing: The American Dream

This post originally appeared in PolicyMic, authored by Brian Burrell and Rory O’Sullivan The official jobs numbers came out this morning showing that the economy added a disappointing 88,000 jobs and unemployment fell slightly in March to 7.6% from 7.7% … Continue reading

In Focus: Youth Unemployment in Florida

By Gonzalo Valdes With unemployment numbers on a downturn and the stock market setting all time highs, is the recession finally over? This week, Young Invincibles is visiting beautiful North Miami Beach to get a more in depth look at … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: YI is Out to Save Youth Jobs

By Erin Hemlin Did you know that the unemployment rate of young people was 16.3% last month? That’s more than twice the national average. Although the youth unemployment numbers are brutal, Young Invincibles is determined to do something about it. … Continue reading